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germany is switched to renewable energy. once again, driving up electric bills across the country. a new green surcharge is set to take affect that will hit households. >> let's do the math. for an average three-person house, it is said to increase energy taxes that will cost an additional $60 per year, taking overall taxes to 185 years. >> this tax hike promises to become a key issue in next year's election campaign. >> of german consumers will soon be paying a good deal more for their electricity. that is largely down to a special levy to subsidize the switch to renewable energy. this levy is now being doubled and overall bills will rise by up to 10%. reaction has been mixed. >> i think that is the price we have to pay if we want the energy reform to succeed. >> it is a bit better. in the end, it is the ordinary
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people who have to pay the price. >> fearing a public backlash, the government wants a new legislation. >> the main reason for the cost is a subsidy of renewals. we have to start of there. >> i will work to ensure that the energy reform succeeds. that is where we have made mistakes in the past. >> a loss of power have been exempted from the levy. for other consumers, that means paying an extra 4 billion euros per year. that is why electricity is so expensive. >> what are bills so high? we have to ask that question. it is because the government has given too many concessions to the industry. >> energy prices are fast becoming a key issue ahead of next year's parliamentary elections.
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>> let's check in now, live, whether political correspondence. simon young with more on this. we saw some public response there in our report. how will this be figuring in next year's election? >> if it threatens to become a huge issue in the election because at one level this is about how all the people heat and power their homes. the political parties are already passing around the game -- passing around the blame. what chancellor merkel needs to do is say that the switchover to clean forms of energy is happening at the expense of the average of voter and small businesses. if that were to happen, the could be a backlash against it. it is at a moment where most germans continue to support the transition to renewable energy. >> this is a costly transition for many households. how is germany coming along in meeting its own goals for
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independence? >> quite well, but not quite well enough. they are trying to switch off a nuclear by 2022. the shortfall, without becoming more reliant on foreign producers such as russia. the experts say that renewals can help to replace those missing sources of energy in the future and already one quarter of the renewable -- of the energy needs come from the renewals. not enough have been made. there are still a lot to do, that is why the environment and minister wants to reform the subsidy as well. >> simon young, thank you very much. this year's nobel prize for economics have been awarded to two americans, economists who handled their research on matchmaking. >> not necessarily the romantic kind, but matching students with
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schools and patients with organ donors. >> staff at the university and the other at the university of california. the swedish academy praised their work as an outstanding example of economic engineering. >> it is about how to practically design certain markets so that they work well. the context are situations where the task is to pair together two parties like physicians to hospitals or students to schools. these are situations where the traditional market mechanism is expected to not work well. >> theork can ao bepplied toheurntinan csis. >> what are the main issues at the beginning of theri i the claother. .w problem was that t
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an crisipa t b of banking produ. they have olidnguc t mood on monday. our correonnt theew wee at a riskier od thaa ek befe. he g morelaty. dappointed and at exptaons. inor turtos,t st
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er hfow jesndustrl avere theu cldoo bomeg he i o >> a n
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e eo,n o thanaan,hi i oms linmeca dpeng laon bua tha x gondhose doctora titles may not bsoocra afr l. there is another allegation tt toolitas plagiarized a doctoral thesis.
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minister stepped downnd mar sndheth pli fodut he had copied trksfis dseatn. f all people, theam qutis a dki cou' education minister. >> a minister under psse. clellofnga mke dcceder cin o pliasm. the chancellor has been qcko mpo r fee. othinte h m fl nfen. she has said to prese h se he sryo t university ci. then thersy >>he t aegio fst rfedn the intert in may, the misretonirsy it conclusion, that she used other pp'sesrcwiou prer contribution. the minister has gone o t
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dense a newspaper intervw. she said, i did not tryo ea ifnyoi dmy e ivsis not to do to make a formal statement on its ndgsnt lerhiwe. for now, oosioolicns e choosing the wds carefully. that couldhaef e letis e nfmed. of first, everything has to be laid out onheab. at alies t the minister as well. but the very ft tt eris nvtiti io the minister for ecaonnd sech ia shockg in its own right. >>henirsyaset t diuss the allegations with the minister. s sipror doctorate, her days in angela rk'canearlilyo nbed. >>u fei misrs he pod ne sanctions as tensions mountetenat member turkey and damascus. >>has called for moderation
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between the two neighbors. brussels hlsmped more sanctions on the regionalll an >> the european union i rain uhe fanal esre on the run. on monday, theoumpose sanctions on thendtrl cts. its fsh bid to coax in toheegiaonab. >> we have always saidha satis e n and themselves, but applied esren the iranian authorities to meet their obligations. we rain determineto achieve a diplomatic solution to the issue. these are important measures. we will n sk governmt and leaders of iran -- oesve durtrgt of opinion in europe, our deternation to go
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on intenfying aelasei aiblorhe negotiations. >> the also agreed to send a sanctions to the leaders. that requires kidding countries like russia onoard. >> the latest delmesre promp russia, especially in light of the - to rethink their stance. we have to orcome this international stalemates. we owe it not just to the syrian people, but to everyone living in the region. >> the urgency is growing there as refugees keep flooding aoss the syrian turkish border. they promised to stand by turkey. they say the country should not tolerate foreign nations transferring weanshrghts rrory. >> let's go to the -- to the gean itite firsofll, we are seeing
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pressure on berlin to take in syrian refugees. are we going to see that happen if ts ntt esn? >> i think so. especially when pressure in the country --erny has shown in the past that i is willing to accept some refuge past. dunghe iraq crisis. if the government is still in power, will try to accept this. especially christian refugees. >> how aut the possibility of turkish military action, we have seen some selective strikes. will receive a military move across the border with more rest? >> they do not want to be. in this situation, i think nobody can rule out a limited military intervention, simply because the turks want to show
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the syrians that they cannot contin their policies of recent months. i think for the time being, it is not very likely. but nobody can move that out. >> the issue you just mentioned there, that is a wild card. should -- choose to move across the border and wage an offensive there. wood and nato back that up? -- would nato back that up? >> it depends. if there was an attack, nato would have to support the turks to a certain extent. but for the time being, i do not see the turks intervening on more than a limited scale. a very limited scale. >> thank you so much for those comments. when we come back in one minute
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after a short a break with a global homelessness on the rise, a soccer match to put an end to that. >> and the man who fell from the sky. that is next. >> stay with us.
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>> are welcome back. >> they have long hoped to create an independent homeland with others in the border region. >> so far, in the north of the have not been affected. syrian troops have pulled out of many towns. the resulting power vacuum has been filled by separatist groups. it has been involved in a bloody insurgency for years. >> many see it as an opportunity to achieve greater autonomy. our reporter traveled from the region, over the border and into syria.
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>> the scorched landscape baird the marks of a hot, dry summer. we're heading toward the syrian border. it is the first people to see our refugees, finally reaching safety. our last stop before the border is a checkpoint. of refugees are waiting here, too. all young people. we walked the final stretch. a syrian is waiting on the other side. next few days, he will be our protector, but also our reminder. we have crossed into syria a legally, but our export has promised to protect us from the ever-present secret police. after one hour's drive, we see the democratic union party. the kurds control this town and
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its people. we're going to spend a few nights with this family. supporters of the hero. one month and a half ago, they returned to their town in damascus. they can only afford to live and an unfinished house. >> here, we are together with our own people. >> it is really peaceful here. i hope i will be able to start work soon as a teacher. the next morning, we're taken to a so-called people's court where he sits as a judge. he casts residents, mostly kurds. their language, culture, all kurdish, were banned under assad. until recently, most of the
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people did not have not syrian leadership. the most influential figure is -- the leader jailed in turkey and considered a terrorist by the west. they have a founded these courts in his name. people's courts where they handed down a verdict. on this particular morning, a group of farmers complain about a diesel shortage. the farmers are angry. they say, they cannot use their machinery without fuel. >> we do not have a loss here. we are the government here. if we do not have the so, what can i do? the farmers leave empty-handed.
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the harvesting equipment stands idle. the kurdish part of syria has virtually no industry apart from oil this year, the produce looks set to rot due to the lack of fuel. the price is skyrocketing. supplies have practically dried up. >> we just have to reach a less. otherwise, we will run out of money. >> this flag, belonging to the sister organization is a problem for turkey. some are concerned they could try to set up a state here. in turkey's eyes, a terrorist state. there have already created the infrastructure of a fledgling state.
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young people attend youth clubs where they swear an oath of allegiance to the struggle. the walls are decorated with pictures of marchers. he is the greatest idle. we talk to these teenagers about what they think of the rebels and the civil war in the arab part of the country. we asked if he supports the rebels in syria. >> if assad falls, that will not help us at all. of nothing to do with the rebels. to fight our own battles, if necessary. we want the economy and the rebels will not give us that. it will definitely have to prepare for a long fight against damascus. >> we have been fighting for this for a long time. we're not allowed to see these
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forces, but it is known that the syrian and kurds have close contacts and turkey. this alliance against turkey is tolerated by assad. they are ready for conflict. this thing about the death of marchers. they know all the words by heart. songs of debt, songs of war. and sometimes, songs of peace. >> coming up, we will be taking a look at a football world cup of a different kind. >> that is right. the homeless world cup has just ended in mexico. first, let's look at some other stories making the headlines. trial hearings have begun into the disaster. it is the first time the captain based survivors. 32 people died in january.
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>> scotland it now has the right to hold the referendum on independence from the uk. in the scottish capital, the simple yes or no vote on staying in the u.k. is set to take place in the fall of 2014. >> the girl shot by the taller than -- by the taliban has arrived at the hospital. militants attacked the 14-year- old for campaigning for education. she was shot in the head and neck. >> the philippines a signed a peace pact. this could end an uprising. we will see the creation of a new muslim and the south.
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>> as they prepare for the 2014 soccer world cup, another championship has been held in mexico city. >> the world a homeless soccer cup is staged to call attention to the plight of those without a roof over their heads. >> these people were celebrating with a normally would be unwelcome. nearly 500 homeless men and women around the world squared off on mexico city's square, of buying for the title of this year's homeless world cup. >> two years ago i was living on the streets. now, i am here. a world champion in mexico. i dedicate this to my family and my kids. >> homelessness through
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football, that is the goal of this cup. the organizers want to raise awareness. in the final, all anyone cared about was who would claim the title. chile beat mexico 8-5. the mexican women beat brazil 8- 2. >> there will be looking for some satisfaction. the rolling stones are heading out on tour again to mark the 50th anniversary. >> mick jagger, keith richards, confirm the dates and a video on the home page. the veteran rockers are planning to gigs and london. two more in december. >> he is the first man ever to break the speed of sound in a freefall jump. >> the 43-year-old austrian, felix baumgartner, showed that humans can survive some of the most extreme space conditions. >> he left more than 39,000
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meters from the united states staying in free fall for more than 90 -- for more than four minutes. >> a short wave and then a leap of faith. free-fall from 39 kilometers up. the descent into the stratosphere was a record in its own right. he was suspended on a helium balloon and flew higher than any balloon flight before it. he was rewarded with a spectacular view. >> i said, i know the whole world is watching and i wish the world could see what i see. sometimes you have to go of really high to understand how small you are. >> his family was present at the job and watched from the ground. there was a scare when he started spinning out of control. >> when it turns around, you have to figure out what to do. i stuck my arm out and it became
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worse. i put my arm and the other side and it became less. i was fighting all the way down to regain control. >> nine minutes after leaving the capsule, he landed safely in the desert of new mexico. the scientific by you of the stunt is debatable, but his place and the record books is assured. >> he is also another record book officially because he broke the record for the most watched a video on youtube ever. >> is that right? there's a very thin line between a completely crazy and the absolutely courageous. >> it was fun to watch. >> we had fun having you watching us. stay with us if you can. >> see you next time.
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this is rainwater .. collected from the roof and sent through underground pipes into this 1500 gallon tank rainwater collected from the roof flows through the gutters and into the underground pipes. then these hoses. carry water from the cistern to the plants. harvesting rainwater cuts down on run-off into the sewers & could save an average of 50% on your water bill! now that makes sense.
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pressure points. the european union imposes new sanctions against iran opinion western leaders have tried time and again to get their counter parts in tehran to hold their nuclear program. they have done their best to make it difficult to do new business there. now there's more economic penalties on iran banning trade and

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